Spas & Pools

Relax in Luxury


Whether our projects are based in prestigious resort locations, or in high-end residential settings, we are frequently called upon to design exciting entertainment and relaxation facilities to enhance our client’s homes in terms of both experience and value. Integrating spas, saunas, pools, steam rooms and Jacuzzi into our overall designs has enabled us to create a series of highly successful, stylish and practical spaces, incorporating the technical and working features required to make these specialist facilities operate smoothly and seamlessly.

This private basement spa facility has an element of surprise; a space filled with light, crisp white finishes, and opulent accent materials, which create an exciting entertainment and relaxation space with gym, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and large infinity edged swimming pool.

The subtle and restrained use of gold tile detailing, along with framed feature walls, add an opulence to the lighter palette, creating dazzles and reflections of soft, warm light. There is also a play of textures, with the tactile surfaces of cut natural stones contrasting with finer wall and flooring finishes. The large pool, formed in Carrera tiles, provided a means to split and separate the internal space, maximising relaxation areas and connecting facilities with a ‘floating’ dark, stone bridge.

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Design, selection of finishes and detailing are all equally important roles in the creative process for our spa and swimming pool projects, helping to define facilities in which relaxation is central to the brief. Colour, mood and the use of lighting are all essential elements that combine to create precisely the right environments for our clients. Whether this be the ‘Zen’ calm of a massage suite, or the softly lit space of a black and gold mosaic-lined steam room, our team strives to create exciting surroundings for serious relaxation pursuits!

The challenge in designing an outdoor pool is often how it will relate to both adjoining buildings and garden spaces; at this Barbados coastal residence the pool formed a strong visual link to the ocean beyond. ‘Outdoor living’ was key to our brief here, so the location of the pool and deck was important in terms of how our client’s family enjoy this entertainment space.

Stone flooring runs from the interior of the house to the pool deck and the raised infinity edge pool provides an unbroken sightline to the sea’s horizon. A seamless, beaded pool finish is blissfully comfortable underfoot and a submerged table and moulded seating in the same finish provide a unique dining location!

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