Based on trust and experience

Every project is different and brings new challenges. We listen to our clients so that we understand what they are hoping to achieve – then, using the experience that we have gained over many projects, we develop a level of trust that allows us to evolve each design stage, communicating closely with our clients so that at each step through the process there is a clarity that carries through from concept to completion.

From concept to construction

Architecture to finished interior


Our team’s passion for architectural detail means that we always proceed from a point of analysis; we believe in thinking creatively to design the best layouts for a property, making certain that form and function work hand-in-hand to meet the client’s expectations. So, our projects aren’t just ‘spaces’ but places where people live, work, relax and entertain with family and friends. We look after the technical aspects of the build too, so whilst the design is evolving for the client, contractors, surveyors and consultants can rest assured that we are providing all the information for them to progress a project.

Delight in the detail

In every aspect, from architecture to accessories


Our team understands the process required to achieve a successful design, whether this is the selection of materials, or working closely with craftsmen to commission bespoke pieces of furniture, considering every aspect; from architectural structure and features right down to the cutlery that you balance comfortably in your hand, the cushions that delight your eye, and the materials and textures that make a place your home. For us the delight is genuinely in the detail and we take time to consider and specify the individual elements of a project in exceptional detail to deliver the way that it ‘works’ for you, and your guests.


Construction and Project Management


Delivering designs from concept to completion, on time and on budget, takes a comprehensive understanding and experience. As part of a comprehensive process we provide detailed drawing packages and specifications for contractors to cost and implement the design. We work closely with specialists to obtain prices on bespoke work at all stages, attending meetings and making site visits to ensure that the design is delivered as a successfully finished project.

As individual as you are

Bespoke, art and objet


Our designs don’t purely consider the spaces – but each important item that might be needed to complete a very personal project, whether these are the practical objects that help a home to function day-to-day, or the luxury objet that makes it a very special place. When clients aspire to something utterly unique we design bespoke items, using luxurious materials, sourced from trusted suppliers and made by skilled craftsmen. The same goes for art; we source and procure varied pieces for our clients and arrange framing that precisely suits both the artwork and it’s location.

The finished article

Finished, furnished and finessed


Handover will see the Wilkinson Beven team on site to complete each project, organising and managing furniture deliveries, with Richard and John personally seeing that each piece works precisely within the context of the finished space. Working alongside our specialist teams, we ensure that the process runs smoothly from fitting curtains, installing art works and commissioning audio visual systems; our process is designed to create a seamless transition that our clients can step into their home and enjoy!

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Getting in touch


To find out more about how we can work with you on your project, you can contact us on +44(0)121 622 7366 or email us providing a brief outline of your project, the location and your requirements to