Homes & Gardens Dream Bathrooms – “Lofty Ideals”

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Homes & Gardens have featured one of the bathrooms of this recently completed project, a seven-bedroom Victorian house in southwest London.

The Brief:
This teenage daughter’s en suite had to fit with the home’s contemporary decor, but with subtle concessions to boho chic.

The loft’s height restrictions left only one elevation suitable for the shower and basin. “We installed a dormer window to let in nat­ural light,” says John. ‘Its central position perfectly frames the statement bath and it offers plenty of space for getting in and out.”

Jaime Rayon’s Diamante console table with Octagonal basin is a modem twist on a tra­ditional pedestal vanity. ‘It’s decorative and has space for accessories”, says John. A shabby ­chic chest of drawers sits under the eaves.

White brick-effect wall tiles were applied over the original Victorian brickwork, nod­ding to heritage while providing a stylish, easy-to-clean surface. “The floor tiles look like lightly charred timber but are ceramic, which is much more suitable for wet areas than real wood”, says John. “The remaining walls are clad in large ceramic tiles, with a fabric-like texture that softens the space.”

“A walk-in shower is great for giving small spaces an open-plan feel. We were able to strengthen the floor and add drainage before installing the ceiling on the room below, which allowed the right drainage gradients for level entry as well as a really minimalist look” says John. The sleek white brassware by Vala is a refreshing alternative to chrome.

Lighting and accessories:
A Lutron system controls various circuits that allow decent light by the vanity area and shower and dimmable settings by the bath. “We used uplighters under the eaves to wash the brick tiles in soft light” says John. The main accessories include a decorative trunk beneath the basin and simple glass jars for cotton buds and make-up pads.